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new email

2010-08-05 02:32:26 by alexjav21

i have a new MSN: feel free to add me if your interested in collabs and all that fun stuff!

I also have a facebook fanpage! c/135129183193994

new songs out!

2010-06-21 22:54:30 by alexjav21

hey guys, check out my new songs! rate. review. rave?

to whoever cares.

2009-12-25 23:33:56 by alexjav21

hey guys, ive posted a few songs now, im not sure if i have any loyal followers/fans yet. if there is any out there reading this, COMMENT NOW.

right now im kinda trying to pick a genre that im gonna get into more, and im leaning toward trance. so expect to hear some from me in the near future.